Protect Your Home While On Holiday

Are you nervous to leave your home on a vacation because of the chance of someone breaking in?  It doesn’t have to be that way, a professional locksmiths Nottingham and locksmith service can help you create a home security system that is going to work.  Trust them to help you so that you can go on vacation and so that you can relax without having to worry about your house.

Replace your locks.  You want to do this before you go on vacation.  You want to have locks that are structurally sound, by replacing them you are going to ensure this.  Have a locksmith come out and replace the locks so that they work well.

Install an alarm system. Today, these alarm systems they have are amazing. They can notify you through your smartphone that your house has been compromised and that is amazing. They will call the police directly so you don’t have to stress while on vacation. Plus, they generally are loud so an intruder will flee before they take anything.

Have your neighbors keep an eye on your house too, give them an emergency contact number. They can turn on a light for you or make sure that the driveway is clear so that it looks like someone is staying there.

Things That You Probably Did Not Know About Locksmiths

imagesYou probably know that locksmiths for years made locks and repaired them. They are the ones you call when you get locked out of your house or your car and have no way to get inside. Over time, their role as a lock maker has changed and professionals in the industry engage in a variety of activities from closed-circuit surveillance cameras to working with electronic and digital locks. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about those in the locksmithing industry.

They Are Supposed To Check ID Before Opening A Home Or Vehicle

You probably didn’t know, but a locksmiths in London is supposed to check for identification before opening a lock to a home or vehicle. He is supposed to verify that the person who placed the call and needs service is indeed the owner of the vehicle or home that he is, essentially, breaking into. The problem with that verification is that most times a person who has locked keys inside of a car or house has also locked their identification inside as well. Professionals who have worked in the industry for a long time are usually a very good judge of who is telling the truth and who is not. Even so, a locksmith is supposed to verify the vehicle owner or homeowner.

Locksmiths Like When You Buy Locked Safes

If you have ever been to a flea market or estate sale and think you are getting deal when you buy a locked safe, think again. A locksmith, in particular, is excited when you buy the locked safe. He knows that you will not be able to open it, no matter how hard that you try. You will have to bring it to him where he will then use his professional expertise to open the safe that you believe is so valuable. The locksmith will charge you a nice fee – maybe more than what you find inside! Sometimes, it may be worth the risk, but the locksmith who works on safes does not care. He will get paid no matter what.

Do Not Duplicate Doesn’t Really Exist

You have probably encountered keys that say “do not duplicate” on them at some point in your life. You may have a job that requires a certain key of set of keys that only a select few are permitted to have. In those cases, you receive a key that looks official and is stamped with the do not duplicate lettering. While that key is not supposed to be duplicated, it still can be. A locksmiths in Manchester can easily duplicate any key. The key is placed in a duplicating machine and its pattern is traced and then copied onto a key blank. It’s that simple – even for keys that aren’t supposed to be copied.

They Often Work With Law Enforcement

Many locksmiths will work with local law enforcement officials for a variety of reasons. They may be called when there is a break in at a home or business. The lock professional can help the police, and the home or business owner, understand how the lock was breached. Another thing they do for law enforcement is to help them gain access to areas where they otherwise would not. For example, when police or other law enforcement types want to set up surveillance equipment in an abandoned home or building, they can all a locksmith to get them inside.

They Will Tell You What The Best Lock Is

A locksmith is probably not going to tell you what the best lock for your home is. The lock professional wants you to have to call him to install what he says is the best lock for your home. If he tells everybody what the best lock is, then he probably will not be in business long. When he comes to your home to install a lock, the experienced industry pro will put in a deadbolt lock. It will have at least a one-inch throw, or bolt, and will have a security plate that is three inches long and screws directly into the door frame. Most locksmiths agree that the best lock for a home is a properly installed deadbolt – but they won’t tell you that.

Locksmiths Do Not Install Most Locks in Brand New Homes

For some reason, the locks installed in your brand new home were not installed by a professional with experience in the field of locks. In buying a new home, the homeowner’s newest, most valuable possession is just that – the home. Even so, most will not have a locksmith come in and install new locks. Most are content with the builder’s locks. Those locks are usually of low quality and are installed by someone who is not a professional in the field. Many times, the locks are not even installed correctly. Of course, the reason has to do with expense.

They Work For Banks And Other Financial Institutions

Very good locksmiths are often hired by banks and financial institutions. They will design and create all sorts of complex locking mechanisms for bank vaults and safe deposit boxes. Teller drawers and interior doors may also have locking mechanisms designed by a professional. Since banks require a lot of security, locksmiths in Guildford are also hired for their knowledge in the area. They can design security and surveillance systems and then turn around and install them. When any lock or other security device fails inside a bank, a professional is called to come and make repairs.

They Will Not Tell You Why Cheap Locks Are Cheap

If you remember the old adage that says “you get what you pay for,” you will know that it applies to most everything. That would include locks. Cheap locks are not very good at securing much of anything and can be breached rather easily. A locksmith is not going to tell you that your cheap lock is cheap. He is going to wait until you realise that the lock is sub-par and then he is going to charge you to come in and replace it with something much better.

Locksmiths Can Make You A New Car Key

Cars and trucks that were manufactured after 1992 have different locking mechanisms than those made in prior years. Standard vehicle locks are now almost all electronic and modern vehicles come with a key fob that contains a transponder that controls a variety of functions, including the locks. When you purchase your new vehicle, the dealer will tell you not to lose the key fob or transponder because it is very expensive. He, or she, will also tell you that the dealer is the only way in which you can obtain another key for your car. That is not true. Locksmiths are able to make keys for any vehicle, new or old.

Closed Circuit Cameras Are Right Up Their Alley

You probably think that locksmiths just play around with doors and locks. That is partially true, but they do so much now that you most likely did not know that many install closed circuit security camera systems. When you go to your local retailer, look around and see if the store has strategically placed cameras. Those cameras are all connected and then are monitored by store security personnel. This helps identify any potential theft issues and saves the store in the long run. Home security systems can have security cameras as well. Professional locksmiths install, repair, and maintain these security cameras for a wide variety of customers including businesses and homeowners.

Your Apartment Building Has A Locksmith On Speed Dial

If you live in an apartment building, the people who run it will have a locksmiths in Leicester on speed dial. This is a guarantee. There are several security issues with apartment complexes and the one person with the necessary experience to address them all is a professional locksmith. The complex may have a keypad or keycard entry system just to gain access to the grounds. That kind of system is easily installed by a quality lock professional. Moving on to the different buildings on the grounds, residents and other authorised personnel will need to gain access. Locksmiths can install some type of keypad or keycard entry there as well. Some access methods may be even more complex and require a fingerprint, for example. A resident’s apartment also requires a means of access. Many will have traditional metal lock and key entry, but some now will have digital and electronic locks. All of these security measures can be handled by industry professionals.


The locksmithing profession is much different than it was even 20 years ago. The earliest in the trade made locks, installed them, and repaired them. Nowadays, a locksmith is a virtual jack-of-all trades. He is someone who can still make and repair locks, but he can also do so much more. Those in the industry will have experience with home security systems, burglar alarms, safes, intercom systems, keycard and keypad readers, digital and electronic locks, and much more. While there are things you may know about the industry, there is so much more that you do not.